George Green’s School 2016

Deng Yang San, Monika Lepste, Courtney Bilbrough, Nahid Hassan, Elios Marku, Faridat Mahamud, Fahmida Begum, Amit Sen, Benjamin Roth

‘project cygnus’, camping and star gazing on dartmoor

Their story, in their words….

“We had a fantastic time backpacking across and camping in Dartmoor national park. One of main challenges we faced was planning and coordinating ourselves as a group so we were prepared to go into the wild as it were. This could also be said to be one of the most important challenges as every other challenge we would face hinged on our success on this challenge. Before we left for the trip we felt we were sufficiently prepared, and rose up to the challenge.

One of the more physical challenges were faced while on the trip involved crossing a river on foot to get to an area where we could camp and spend the night. Firstly, we made sure the river was not fast flowing and wasn’t too deep. Crossing the river involved a great deal of trial and error; trying to cross the river with our hiking boots on, and realising this was a mistake as they would get waterlogged and would not dry quickly, getting halfway and then realising we could go no further, finding alternate routes that other members of the team could use to cross the river. Eventually, we made it across the river through a mixture of perseverance and teamwork.

Overall, the team had a testing, but marvellous time backpacking across Dartmoor National park. Many of us had never been on such a trip, especially without a legal guardian and we achieved a great sense of independence from it, not to mention knowledge on what one truly needs in life- you can never pack too many wet wipes when camping. Trust us.”