Ernest Bevin College 2018

Hanaih Mushtaq, Yuman Qamar, Divine Kyei, Naomi Kawoya

Dartmoor national park

Their story, in their words….

25th July 2018 – We all met up at victoria coach station to catch our coach to exeter coach station at 8am. We arrived at dartmoor at around 3 and then made our way to bundu campsite where we then set up our tent and got ready to make our dinner. Using a portable gas stove we made chicken wrap and prepared for the next day.

26th July 2018 – On this day we planned to hike for approx 20miles. We woke up early in the morning and ate breakfast, packed our lunch and left the campsite. The hike was 5-6hrs long where we took 10minutes break after walking for every 30minutes. When we got back to the campsite we freshened up and started preparing for dinner. We made noodles and washed our dishes and went to sleep. This day was the most difficult as we got lost during the hike but then we soon got back on track. We also had to climb lots of hills and upward sloping roads but at the end of the day we made the hike and completed one of our challenges.

27th July 2018 – This day was our day day on the campsite as planned to travel to another place to do another one of our challenges. So we left bundu campsite and using the public transport we went to foxtor cafe where we settled down to and got ready to cycle. We cycled for 28 miles approx. Cycling was also very challenging for us as we had to cycle on rocky paths and because it rained on that day, we had to use our problem solving skills to overcome problems such as paths flooded with water etc. One of our bikes even broke so we used our knowledge from the bike maintenance course that we took before coming on the trip to fix the bike. On this day we cooked pasta in the kitchen at the accommodation we were staying at. This day was also challenging where we used many skills to overcome problems.

28th July 2018 – Our coach was at 3pm so we woke up early in the morning at like 9 so we could get to the coach station on time using the public transport. The journey was long as we had to change buses quiet a few times and the bus would only come at a certain time. We luckily made it on time and safely got home.

All of us found this trip very challenging in one way or another. For example for one us cycling was very difficult and for another hiking was challenging. This trip also showed us how to be independent and what life is like wen u live independently. It also taught us how luxuriously we live at home and what life on the outside is really like. But overall we all learned new skills and qualities that would come useful in our everyday lives and in our future live. We also thank Mark Evison for letting us experience this kind of once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you