Eltham Hill School 2017

Tania Domun, Zainab Adebayo, Kieran Harmsworth, Ugoeze Onumah, Omar Abdi

Climbing Mount Snowden

Day 1:
The first day of our journey to Bangor to trek up and down three mountains were quite exciting for us because it was a new experience to travel so far without any parental guidance. So, we met up at our local bus stop where we took a bus to Victoria station while waiting for the coach to Bangor. When we were on the coach to Bangor I don’t think we really anticipated how long the journey would be. After 11hours on the coach we finally reached our final destination, we then decided to go to a restaurant to eat because of we realised that the bus journey to our campsite was not that far away so we took our time, when we finally got on the bus that would take us to the campsite we had asked the bus driver if he knew what stop we needed to get off to get to Riverside Campsite. After we had Gotten off the bus we soon realised that it was the wrong one and that the buses were no longer running we ended up having to carry everything with us and walk to the campsite which was an hour plus walk to the campsite, which was exhausting and ended up getting to the campsite at 12:00 early in the morning; we had to also put up our 3 tents in the middle of the night only using the flashlight on our phones.

Day 2:
After we woke up we had a bath, brushed our teeth and ate breakfast and packed up our things because we had to move to Llyn Gwyant campsite which was close to the mountains we were planning to trek, we so we begin our journey to the next campsite which we walked half way and decided to take a bus to the campsite but we were then later told by the locals that we would still have to walk a bit more as the bus did not stop right next to the campsite so we still decided to wait for the bus but after waiting a while one of the locals offered to drop us up at the campsite and because of the bus was nowhere to be seen and we were already behind the schedule we said yes. So, once we got to the second campsite we pitched our tents again and had lunch we then decided to explore the area where the campsite was because earlier on we unanimously agreed that we could only climb two mountains due to how much we had walked already and due to the weather because it would be raining quite heavily so we had to put our safety first.

Day 3:
The third day we knew it was going to rain so we were not sure if could still trek, due to there being no network at the campsite we had to go ask the reception for the weather forecast which they told it will rain but in the evening and we decided to trek because of by the time we had finished trekking up and down mount Snowdon it would have been in the afternoon which meant there would be no rain, we then began to make our journey to the mountain and it was shockingly sunny but as we began to trek up the mountain we were forced to trek down the mountain as quick as we could as it began to rain quite heavily then thunder began to strike and we had to find a café as we already knew there was a café nearby. When we made it to the café we were soaking wet so we decided to sit there and dry up while waiting for the rain to calm down in order to continue our journey up the mountain but unfortunately the rain got worst. So, we decided to take a bus back to the campsite but none of the because went near the campsite so we were stranded for a while then we decided to ask local who was driving a school’s minibus who had stopped at the café if they could drop us off at the campsite, which the local generously dropped us off at the campsite.

Day 4:
Before we went to sleep on the third day we were determined to finish trekking up one mountain as the weather was so bad. So, on the fourth day we woke up had a shower, brushed our teeth and ate breakfast, we then had to start making our way to our final campsite to trek up the second mountain since we did not finish mount snowdon after we had reached the final campsite we had to quickly setup our tents as we were planning to trek up a different mountain, before we left we went to the office to ask for the weather forecast which the reception had told us that it would rain lightly so we said we would still trek up the mountain then the receptionist had advised us not to climb for our own health and safety as it would rain heavily with thunder, so we decided not to trek up the mountain which did damper our mood as we had set ourselves a challenge to trek up all three mountains but it seemed like the weather had other plans for us as we only trekked up and down halfway of mount Snowdon.

Day 5:
We began to make our journey back home. Even when making our way back to the coach stop that would take us back to Victoria station it was still raining but we all got home safely. Although we did not accomplish everything we planned to due to the challenging weather, we believe that this was a great experience that we won’t forget.