Elmgreen School 2018

Moleka Newman, Louis Jameson, Tyrese Senior, Ify Viturat, Eve Watson

Team Cornwall

Their story, in their words….

Our challenge was to walk across and around the west of Cornwall for 3 days. We travelled from Penzance to St Just on the second day, this first walk introduced us to what we were going to go through and prepared us more than the practice walks, but it made it so that the other walks the rest of the week were bearable but still challenging. On the third we walked to Land’s End from St Just then back, it was an especially difficult walk as the coastal path that we walked along had been wet and slippery due to heavy rain so trying to follow the path and keep on it was slightly difficult however due to us being prepared with equipment we was able to overcome this. The fourth day was like the third as the area coastline was still muddy, but it was not as bad due to the weather being completely opposite with it being very sunny and us traveling to Gurnard’s Head then back to St Just. On the final day we made our final walk back to Penzance which was not like the first as we considerably more tired while also being used to the walking at this point. The whole thing was a challenging task which did push each member to our limits and tested our determination and ability to preserver in demanding situations. We found this challenge very difficult, but we never gave up and did enjoy ourselves as it was great departure from our normal activities as it was completely outside what we would think of doing to challenge ourselves if we wanted to. What we got out of that experience was development on independence, organisation and communication skills including increasing our ability to stay determined.