The Elmgreen School 2017

George Bakore, Joshua Pizzoferro, Harvey Swan

Music Project

Our overall plan for our Music project was to expose the fun in music to kids in the Peabody community and also inspire them to learn instruments and become passionate for music.
We planned to hire a hall and invite children from all over the estate to join us as we teach them different rhythms on percussion instruments. We managed to hire the hall in the estate, along with instruments from a percussion company. We advertised the event through leafleting through doors and posters. The main aim and goal was to show the fun and joy music can bring, and to unleash hidden talents kids have and inspire them to use it.
Overall it went extremely well, we didn’t have as much people show up as planned but received 5 kids on the first day and 6 kids on the second, however this allowed the learning to be more in depth. The kids loved the sessions incredibly and enjoyed making music, they even wanted us to do it again next summer! Most importantly we managed their health and care well, by having parents sign a consent form, and have them pick them up after sessions or give them permission to go home on their own. another main factor was that everything managed to work, the instruments arrived on time, we managed to use the hall, storage of instruments was not an issue and most importantly the kids came and enjoyed it.
After the two days the sessions took place, I felt relieved after all the stress from planning had gone, but also very pleased with the project overall as the main goal and core of the projects was established, and the project had purpose. It was an extremely challenging project to accomplish, but in the end, it pulled through much better than expected. A main obstacle I feel I had to conquer was finding the venue and booking the instruments, as these took time, patience and good organisation. I have learnt a lot of new things from this project also, things that I should consider in the future, such as advertisement to be much better and organised, and activities to be well thought out and planned in detail. In conclusion this was an amazing opportunity I experienced and am very thankful and appreciative that the Mark Evison foundation could fund this project.