Eastbury Comprehensive School 2014

Matthew McCluskey & Kthogatso Ntuli

cycling from london to paris

Their story, in their words…

“On Sunday 28th August 2014 we began our journey to Paris. The journey started from Trafalgar square and by the end of the day we had reached Dover; one negative was that we arrived a few hours later than anticipated. We found out this was a common anomaly in our journey! For the 2nd day we set off early to catch the ferry to Calais, we ate a big breakfast whilst on the ferry. From Calais we cycled onto Arras (after we got used to cycling onto the other side of the road) where we were kindly welcomed by a couple from the warm showers cycling website. We had a delightful stay where we felt very welcomed with a 3 course meal made for us. The day after we cycled off again, this time to Montaire. On the previous night we had spoken to the host which resulted in him helping us out greatly by printing out detailed maps and he also cycled with us for 6km to guide us out of town. We eventually arrived in Montaire late in the evening where we stayed with another host. By this time we knew that in the next 24 hours we would be in Paris so we were very excited. On the final day of cycling we used the navigation on our phones to guarantee we avoided the main French roads and we arrived in Paris the late afternoon. For the last day we just went around the capital and experienced life as a tourist.

It was such a rare and unexpected thing to do as well as being the first time I have had the opportunity of going to another country. All in all I had an amazing time and it is definitely an experience I will never forget.”