Dulwich College Memorial Award 2013

Paul Formanko, Oscar Kokol

cycle from london to nice

Their story, in their words…

“On the 21st June, we set off from the War Memorial at 6am, embarking on our 1000km bike ride to Nice and beyond. During our trip we were entirely self-sufficient, and were hosted by families along the way, who all had a passion for cycle touring. We suffered several hiccoughs during our trip, such as broken chains, cracked pannier racks, dehydration, bee and jellyfish stings and low morale. We even had to cross a high-speed train line as well as taking a wrong turn onto a motorway. Yet after 9 days in the saddle, we made it to Nice – 1400km later! We celebrated our feat by watching two stages of the Tour de France. On the 5th of July, we packed our bikes into cardboard boxes, protected out bike frames with our clothing, to finally fly back to Gatwick after 2 weeks abroad. We would like to thank everyone who donated and supported our cause, as well as the people who allowed us to stay in their homes, and for providing us with a warm shower, food, and a bed all for free!”