Dulwich College 2018

Rivers Westley, Thomas Lambert, Samuel Lambert

Innsbruk - Vienna 9 day cycle challenge


Their story, in their words….

In order to raise money for both the Mark Evison Foundation as well as the Motor Neurone Disease Association our team cycled across Austria, from Innsbruck in the west to Vienna in the east, over a period of nine days. We chose to cycle across Austria as it is located relatively close to the UK, while also having large amounts of mountainous terrain. Due to the length and difficulty of our trip we had to do a large amount of planning, we researched the camp sites where we would be staying as well as the route we would be taking. This helped us greatly as it meant we did not have to waste time worrying about these things when we got there. Our plan also allowed for things to go wrong, this is why even though our plane was delayed by almost an hour we were still able to make it to the first camp site in good time. The first 4 days were the toughest, as not only did we have to climb up steep ascents, there was also large amounts of rain throughout the early days. while climbing up one of our first ascents, the front derailleur broke on one of our bikes, and despite our best efforts we were unable to fix it. This led to a 2 hour delay as we had to cycle back down the mountain we had just climbed in order to get the chain fixed. After we left the mountains the cycle became less demanding, as we cycled along the cycle paths of the Danube, but despite this by the time we reached Vienna we were exhausted. This challenge has taught me a lot, it is the first time that we have ever had to not only organise, but also manage a trip. Unlike when you go with your parents, we had to book the plane tickets as well as the camp sites. Another thing that we gained from this experience is the ability to adapt to the situation and would say that this ability to adapt is crucial in any circumstance and will greatly help us in the future.