Dulwich College 2017

Robert Zhang, Kody Leung, Edward Green

Cycling and hiking Tenerife

Our trip went really well, we cycled around the island very successfully. We were on schedule the whole time and made it to our hostels at the end of every day.

We went to Tenerife to challenge ourselves and push ourselves above and beyond our limits, we certainly did so and successfully completed our journey. The journey was tougher than expected, predominantly because Tenerife is just so hilly: having to ride a hybrid bike with 15 kg of clothes and equipment didn’t help either. Almost none of our journey was on flat roads, we were either trying to cycle up steep mountain after steep mountain or we were speeding down the mountain as we make our descent. We loved going downhill on the first day or two as it is very exhilarating, it also gave our legs a rest. However, After the first day or two, we despised going downhill because going downhill meant that we had to climb another steep mountain again.

We faced multiple problems during our journey. The first day was a disaster due to the lack of planning and experience – we ended up having to push our bikes up steep sand hills in the middle of nowhere. Teddy also had a puncture on the fourth day, we had to fix it on the side of the road before continuing the final part of our journey.

However, things did go our way. It didn’t rain at all throughout our journey even though there was a day where the weather forecast said there were going to be storms. Tenerife is also much cooler than we expected due to very strong winds which cooled us down throughout the journey.

This cycling trip to Tenerife has been nothing short of an amazing experience – it is undoubtedly the best experience I’ve had in my life. I will never forget this amazing journey with my two great friends, and how we fought through the tough terrain Tenerife has presented us with. Looking back, I am just really glad that I took on this challenge which allowed me to enjoy such a different experience.