Drayton Manor High School 2016

Euan Jones, Joseph Gordon, Louis Williams, Jake Hurd, Harry Childs, Will Richardson

4 countries 4 days

Their story, in their words ……

Our initial plan for our challenge was to cycle through 4 countries in 4 days. We planned on cycling from London into France, followed by Belgium, then into Holland and back down in to Belgium to finish in Brussels. Once the trip neared we began to deliberate our initial plan. We later decided that instead of cycling into Holland, which would only add extra miles when essentially we were going from London to Brussels to begin with, we decided that cycling into Holland just wasn’t necessary and we collectively made the decision that our trip would be a straight London to Brussels cycle, still cycling through England into France and then Belgium. The mileage of this was just over 260 miles which we did complete in our 4-day plan. On the trip we encountered no problems whatsoever. Literally none other than having to put our heads down and crunch the miles. We had no problems checking in to the accommodations, no bike break downs other than 1 or 2 punctures, no problems checking in our bikes on to the Eurostar and getting back, no body lost a passport or money. The variables that we could control and that were in our hands essentially ran as smoothly as we could have wished for. Perfect planning. We did encounter a couple minor collisions but no damage done, just really added to the fun and thrill of the trip.

Looking back on the trip we all collectively look back on it with a great sense of accomplishment and joy. We thank the foundation for providing us with the opportunity to go on an adventure like this one, with 6 friends that we will probably never replicate again. A truly great experience.