Drayton Manor High School 2016

Angela Gorgol, Majure Sriramasothy, Hooda Abdi

snowdon hiking trip

”We had an amazing time at Wales. There were many sudden changes in plan such as on our first day, we didn’t have a bus to take to our campsite so we had a 1 hour hike. This was due to Monday, being a bank holiday. It was a good experience as it made us realise the importance of planning. Also, we had no signal in Wales whatsoever, so we interacted with the locals as well as the tourists to find our way. While we were camping, the view of the night sky was spectacular, with the perfect side view of the lake beside us. One thing we thought was that we felt like we were in another country as the locals spoke their own language which was fascinating.

On day 2, we climbed Mount.Snowdon via the miner’s path. The path was flat and wide at the start but as we kept walking narrower and more rocky which was scary but thrilling at the same time. At one point, we were in a way, almost rock climbing but other tourists that were also on the hike were supportive of us and each other. We had lunch in area sandwiched by two lakes during our ascent. The final hour before we reached the peak was the toughest
as we were worn out and the windy water droplets which was very different to rain soaked our hair and clothes.

For our descent, we decided to Llanberis path as others told us that weather conditions would make it dangerous to go down via the original path. Though the path was a flat throughout in comparison to the miner’s path, the distance was longer, plus there were no toilet facilities at all. However, we were relieved and felt like we made a great achievement when we had completed the 6 hour hike.

When we arrived at the youth hostel, we cooked some pasta and soup with the ingredients we had bought from London. Though our cooking skills weren’t amazing, we were so tired from the hike that we thought anything we ate was tasty. Staying at a youth hostel which was right next to Snowdonia was great as the view from our window was beautiful.

On the last day, we took the bus back to the town in Llanberis to have a mini-picnic before we made our way back to London.

Overall, it was an extraordinary experience and though it was physically and mentally challenging, we would forever cherish this in our memories. We cannot thank enough the Mark Evison Foundation for funding and supporting our wonderful trip. Thank you. ”