Drayton Manor High School 2016

Neli Asparuhova, Daniel Bedborough, Matthew Lacour, Zachary Prince, Eduarda Rocha, Anthara Roy

trip to brecon beacons

Their story, in their words…..

On the first day we met at Ealing station, then made our way to Paddington. We arrived in Wales three hours later, and then had to navigate our way via bus to our first campsite. No serious walking was done on the first day. On the second day we were up very early to take advantage of the cool sun, as it was around 27 degrees at midday, so we tried to go as far as possible in the early hours of the day. We each took turns reading the map, and guiding our group through the mountains. Fortunately we found a stop for water on the way, as otherwise we would have been severely dehydrated. That day’s walk took 8 hours, and we got to the camp at 5. The next day was more relaxed, as we had a lesser distance to travel, since the wild camping spot that we had chosen was much closer, relative to 22km walk. Wild camping was a lot of fun, and although the interruption from all the horses made pitching our tent difficult, but that wasn’t a problem. On the last day we had the furthest to travel as we essentially had to walk the combined displacement of both previous walks, because of this we took an alternative route, although we unknowingly ended up walking through nettles for 40 minutes and had to cross a fast flowing stream, this was challenging for us all, but that’s really what the foundation is about. We all had lots of fun on the trip and learned new skills, such as map reading and orienteering, it was very challenging however we all rose to it. Thank you for allowing us to do this.