Drayton Manor High School 2016

Tyler Roseman, Asra Hussein, Daniella Murphy, Maurisa Afrifa

‘sole mates’, trek ferrol to santiago de compostela

Their story, in their words….

“Our trip to Santiago de Compostela was a once in a lifetime experience. When we first arrived in Santiago de Compostela we had to wait in the airport for a bus that would take us to Ferrol. Once we arrived in Ferrol it was a struggle to locate the hotel that we’d be staying in- Hotel Silva. Although we knew that we were in the correct area and used the directions which we had previously printed out, it was a matter of reading the street names and identifying the one we needed. Eventually we found the hotel. As we expected the receptionist spoke very little English so Daniella (who studies A-level Spanish) helped by explaining things to her in Spanish.

Day1- The next morning we grabbed some breakfast, slung our backpacks on our backs and set out on our 25km walk to Pontedeume. On of the members of our group Tyler and Maurisa realised they had over packed and their bag was seriously heavy! Whereas Asra had under-packed so at times we would swap bags to help eachother out, demonstrating solid teamwork!👍 We also took frequent breaks along the way to have lunch (which we packed with us) and essentially recharge our batteries. We arrived to our hotel-Apartamentos Sarga Sentir Galicia at around 8pm and we were very pleased as the first distance had been completed.

Day 2- We were walking from Pontedeume to Betanzos (20km) This trail had many hills and consequently we grew tired very quickly. We were going to be staying in an Albergue (hostel) that night and they close at 10pm. It was around 9:30pm when we were roughly 3km away from the Albergue. So we were all determined to make it there in time. Surprisingly made it there at 9:55pm!! We were immensely proud of ourselves.

Day3- We were walking from Betanzos to Meson de Vento (27km). This was another eventful day. Towards the end we seemed to have lost the trail. Panic seemed to have set in for Daniella and Asra as it was getting very late. Nevertheless we managed to find the trail again and reached our hotel- Hotel Canaima.

Day4- We were walking from Meson de Vento to Sigüeiro. (24km) we set out very early as we didn’t want a repeat of the night before and managed to get to the albergue at a reasonable time. Whilst walking we passed a few people who were doing the Camino Ingles as well and tried learning a bit of Spanish while we were at it! By this time we all had blisters on our feet which were absolutely killing us! And our muscles were aching very badly.

Day5- It was the last day and we were walking from Sigüerio to the airport in Santiago de Compostela (16km). We left the albergue very early and limited our breaks because we obviously couldn’t risk missing our flight at 10:35am. We reached the airport at around 8:45am and couldn’t be prouder of ourselves.

We’d like to say a big thank you to the Mark Evison Foundation for this amazing opportunity which we will all treasure for the rest of our lives.”