Darrick Wood School 2017

Ellie Moore, Izabela Piechowka

Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge

After being told about the Mark Evsion Foundation in year 12 by our school, as well as 5 other groups we decided to give it a go. Being the only group determined enough to carry on with the planning, we decided to do the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge across 2 days. We knew that this would challenge us in many ways.

We already had ourselves in a sticky situation on the journey up to Yorkshire, as a fire on the M1 meant our coach arrived two hours late to Leeds, meaning we’d missed our train by an hour. After some pleading to the train ticket officers we managed to change our tickets and catch the next train. Even just on the train the views were beautiful and nothing compared to what we’d seen back home.

We started our first day of walking at 7.30 am, walking up our first peak Pen Y Ghent. After thinking we had walking a lot less then we actually had, we arrived at our accommodation at 12.10pm. After settling into our accommodation for the night, we prepared for the next day.

After opening the curtains from waking up to rain and fog, we knew the weather wouldn’t be on our side and had to start considering our risk assessment. Regardless of the weather we set off at 8.00am towards Whernside. After reaching the Ribblehead Viaduct, with our waterproofs nearly soaked through, we had to make the decision to skip Whernside and head straight for Ingleborough. It was disappointing knowing we would miss a peak but had to think of our safety.

The rain only got worse, and again we reached Ingleborough, the last peak, and had to abandon our route.

We may not have completed the peaks, but we learnt that being out there on our own, we had to make important decisions on our safety and really had to think for ourselves, which has really taught us what it’s like to be independent, something that will really help us in the future. We will forever be thankful for being given this opportunity.