Darrick Wood School 2018

Samuel Holland, Amy Post, Kelsey Lyrick

Welsh coast walk

Their story, in their words….

Between the 23rd to the 26th of July the three of us took part in a challenge walking the Welsh Coastal Path, and took a coach down to Chepstow. The first night we stayed in a youth hostel which was great fun as it allowed us to cook our own dinner and meet other people that were completing other challenges too. The next morning we then walked to the start of the path and began our first 17 mile walk to our next stopping point, Redwick. The first days walk was along the River Severn, walking under the Severn Bridge all the way to Redwick. The first days walk was enjoyable as the view was amazing and our bodies were full of energy! When we arrived at Redwick the area was so beautiful and quiet. We walked right into the heart of it, to our accommodation, and we all enjoyed lying down on their soft beds resting our feet! The next morning we enjoyed a lovely breakfast, and then headed back to the very point of the walk that we finished at the day before. We carried on walking once again enjoying the view and the welsh fresh air, however our feet and backs did become sore, although we took lots of breaks which allowed us to carry on and reach the next point before dinner time. Eventually we reached the next point, Newport and made our way to the accommodation, which was at the top of very big hill! Again we enjoyed a great night sleep and awoke to another great breakfast and headed back to the last point of the costal path. However, by this point two team members had unfortunately gotten blisters, and so by wrapping them up with lots of plasters we all carried on along the path reaching Cardiff with time to spare before the coach arrived. We then waited for the coach in Sophia Square Gardens and with regret that our trip was now over we all jumped onto the coach and headed back to London. This trip to Wales was an amazing experience and all three of us got so much out of it! We were able to plan a whole entire trip by ourselves, creating an adventure that involved lots of things that we wanted to achieve, and most importantly we all worked together to create this. The trip allowed us to visit a place that all of us had never visited before and explore a different part of the country we live in. The walk did become challenging at times with our sore feet and backs, however by using team spirit and perseverance we all carried on, taking lots of pictures to ensure that we can look back at this trip and remember what a great time we all had. Thank you so much to this foundation for allowing us to complete a challenge that we will always remember and that allowed us to stretch ourselves to complete something we never thought we’d have the opportunity to do. Thank you.