Coopers Technical College 2013

Raymond Sookram

composing and producing a music album

Their story, in their words…

“The ultimate premise of the project would be to work with several friends who were musicians, artists and website creators, and compose a piece of music from teamwork. Unfortunately, we had embarked on the album at a time close to our final A-level exams, which meant less time to work. Also, although I had musical training though A Level Music, neither of us knew how to use Logic Pro music software to record, edit and manipulate songs to the point where we had a good, finished set of songs. I also ran into problems with the rest of the band and other musicians (due to other commitments) and the complexity of my composition presented further problems. Thankfully, I had been given the contact of a music producer, who over the summer and autumn months, recorded and mixed the first 3 songs from my album. The result is more of a demo tape (due to the absence of vocalists) but I am nonetheless pleased with the result. I have learnt a vast amount of musical understanding and as I continue my Music Degree, I hope to continue production on my album and further help the Mark Evison Foundation.”

Listen to Raymond’s musicĀ on Soundcloud.