Ark Putney Academy 2016

Omar Hassouna, Cameron Henry, Charlie Warwick, Stefanos Nayar, Arlind Fetahu

climbing in the lake district

Their story, in their words…

“One of the first challenges we faced was in fact planning the hike for several reasons. Although all group members attend the same 6th form we did find it hard to find a suitable time for everyone to meet on several different occasions to discuss our plan. However we adapted by organising some meetings during and after school and some from home. Each member of the team was given a different responsibility such as costs or accommodation. Making our way to Amble Side was also full of problems due to the coach service reliability issues as well as delayed services. This put us at risk of not being able to enter the campsite as it would have been too late but luckily we were able to get a taxi that took us to the campsite directly with time to spare. From there on our strong team work and communication skills resulted in the efficient and safe pitching of the tents.

The next morning we woke up earlier than first planned as we saw there was a likelihood of a downpour which we wanted to avoid for the climb at least. The Climb began smoothly with good weather conditions and good team moral and we were able to reach the summit of both Bowfell and Esk Pike. However as we began to progress up Scafell Pike weather conditions worsened with moderate rain and a dense fog. We were strongly advised by other hikers to discontinue in our efforts to climb Scafell Pike and as one of our team had suffered a twisted ankle we decided that it was unsafe to continue any further and began to make for our decent. To our slight relief we experienced heavier rain and foggier conditions on our way back. Once back at the campsite we were exhausted and slept through to the next morning. We then made our long and slow journey to the hostel which was located relatively far from the campsite but we always stayed in one group and stopped for regular breaks to rest and rehydrate. Our final day was spent resting at the hostel before the next morning where we would take the coach back to Victoria, London. Over all this was an experience like no other for all of us and one we will never forget. Our team work, communication, leadership and general mental and physical fitness were thoroughly put to the test to make us stronger in all. Although we were disappointed in not summiting Scafell Pike we knew we had taken the right and safe decision and it only makes us want to go back another time in the future. This experience has made us stronger team players, more independent being away from parents and school as well as closer as friends.”