City of London Academy 2017

Victoria Bogle and Subamagisha Varatharasa

Book Club

What we planned to do?
We planned to run a book club with year 7 and year 8 kids. There would be 9 young people in each group and two groups in total. The groups would discuss pre-selected books each week sharing opinions and talking about the key themes in the book. The group would also do interpretation exercises to further their understand of the books. In the half term, we would meet the young people at the local Southwark library called Blue Anchor Library which has a group study area where we could run the book club. We met the children during the school and holidays in the library. A usual session will last for an hour 40 minutes will consist of discussing the book and 20 minutes doing the exercises. The book club would last for 10- 11 weeks. Each week the young people will get an allocated number of pages to read and in the half-term this will be increased. Therefore, one book will be read each term and a particular number of pages will be read for each session depending on the book.

How it went?
The overall the activities went well. The children have attended the book club regularly. The activities went as planned. The children have enjoyed the book club and they liked the programme and they all become good friends. They wanted the book club to continue. Also we have gained lots of skills from running the book club such as time managing, leadership and self-confidence. The children loved the mystery role play activity. Each week we were doing analysis of each character from the westing game book. On the last week we selected the scene from the book and the children had played each character in the book. Also the children found the survival activities interesting and fun. Originally we had 22 kids was going to attend the book club. 11 people in each group. But due to some circumstances such as child had family problem who couldn’t attend and also a child with epilepsy who wouldn’t attend. We had 9 people in each group as we planned. Also we received funding on the 1 of July 2017 and we started the book club on the week 6th of July 2017.

How you feel once it’s over?
We feel very proud and happy about the book club because we have managed to run the book club successfully. We have gained lots of skill like organising skill because we had to plan out each and every session of the book club. We have created a good bond with the children in the book club and the local librarian. We overcame our own obstacles and the children also overcame their obstacles. For example at the start, there was a girl who was shy and she didn’t want to share her opinion of the book. After several weeks of book club, She came out of her shyness and she was comfortable around others children to share her opinions.