Jewish Free School 2018

Samuel Bass, Rafi Levy, Gideon Davis, Louis Rhodes

Building a go-kart

Their story, in their words….

Our plan was to create a petrol powered go kart using metal and an engine.
To perform our research we split the go-kart into several sections (the body, the steering, the engine, the drive shaft) and a different person researched each part. We then came together and consolidated our knowledge of each individual section to formulate plans for the kart.
We created detailed plans including a 3D model of the kart with measurements of all the parts which we worked out by considering the size it must be to fit a person in it. We went on to create a detailed shopping list of parts we were not going to be creating ourselves such as the engine, the sprocket etc along with the metal we needed to buy in order to build the frame. We then went on to building the actual kart, we decided to buy aluminium metal to build the frame as it’s lightweight and strong. We bought the required pieces and cut it to length with a metal jigsaw. We then came to making the brackets which would hold the frame together, these were made as triangular sections of steel sheet metal. We cut out 14 brackets (two for each corner plus some spares) and then cut holes in them for the screws.
Once this was done we came to drilling holes in the aluminium frame to attach the brackets.

Here we encountered a major issue that our drill was not strong enough to drill through the metal. We tried looking up different techniques and even found a different drill to check the first one wasn’t faulty. After hours of trying we we’re still unable to drill the holes in the metal and had to give up. We looked up services for the use of more powerful pillar drills online but these were all far too expensive and whilst we could’ve sent off the parts to be drilled we thought this wasn’t in the spirit of the project.

Despite failing we all learnt a lot in the process. We learnt how to effectively manage the research of engineering projects and the importance of the delineation of labour in any project. We also learnt a lot about the workings of the go kart and all believe that if we would’ve been able to drill the holes then we would’ve been able to finish with a working go kart. Finally we all had lots of fun in the process and got to have some hands on engineering experience!