Chelsea Academy 2015

Ali Aswad, Kelvin Chow

the italy project

Their story, in their words…

“Our trip consisted of having three individuals who admire the works of documentaries, bringing closely the cultures and activities from around the world to our local borough in a bid of inspiring younger viewers.

We travelled from the UK to Rome and the Vatican. The documentary is a storyteller which provides an insight to our journey from London, to Rome via flights and mini buses which a colleague and I had planned ourselves. Questions were asked to the general public in regards to certain cultures which could potentially be fascinating due to the diversity and vast differences as opposed to London.

Despite having another colleague (who was our Italian speaker) confirming that they would join us to interpret and guide us along the city they unfortunately was not able to make it due to last minute prior engagements which sabotaged such motive. So we took matter in to our own hands and decided to ask the public ourselves using what we know and reading off our revised sheets. In spite of numerous attempts some of the volunteers was not able to pick up our accent and thus didn’t understand what we wanted to ask them. On top of that, due to many that hasn’t bothered to respond to us we were very unsuccessful in collecting responses from people. Although some one worded answers or nods were given during our interview, it was not substantial enough for our final film, and thus was edited out unfortunately.

Nevertheless, the trip proved a success, and some of the footages which we shot were better than we expected. Even though the camera died halfway and the memory card was full due to the amount of amazing shots that were shot, a digital mobile phone replaced it perfectly.

What made this trip even more worthwhile was that during one of the visits to the Vatican church, where we were given a brief history into the rise and fall of Vatican’s Catholic faith, Pope Francis emerged from one of the seminars, causing crowds and a bit of a stir in the midst.

This trip has taught us to be independent, and versatile. There will be unplanned circumstances where you are required to think on your toes. This trip has definitely provided us with such. Making it stand out to me the most compared to the rest I’ve had in my previous years, because it was the most challenging yet most exciting expedition up to date.

Thanks to this expedition, it has further motivated me to becoming a documentary filmmaker.”