Chelsea Academy, South Thames College and The Grey Coat Hospital School 2018

Joshua Skye Hodgkinson-Bains, Cyrus Solomon, Ramee Jafar, Sophia Kiely

Sea to Summit - Snowdon Challenge

Their story, in their words….

In August, 4 of us took on the challenge of hiking up Mount Snowdon. Our trip took us 5 days and we covered 100km in total. The challenge was harder then expected and with packs of 17kg, the hike time for each day was double than predicted.
Unfortunately my brother failed to inform me that the tent he gave us had broken poles, therefore our tent stood askew at our campsite, until we were given replacement pokes at our 2nd campsite.
Our experience was eye-opening to the wonderous nature trails and mountain ranges that you can find if you just travel out of a city for a few hours.
Keeping the group motivated and getting past physical fatigue and discomfort can be hard at times but reaching the top of any mountain makes you feel like a champion: unbeatable and successful as well as building stronger friendships between the group members.
With a great choice of friends you can takle the rain, a mountain, hunger and pain.
I strongly recommend taking up a challenge with the Mark Evison Foundation to improve your planning, organising and leading skills while undertaking something exciting, challenging and rewarding.