Chelsea Academy 2017

Suhayb Abdullahi, Ali Hussain, Jakir Ali

Conquering Ben Nevis

My name is Ali, and as a member of Team SMHW, I took part in climbing to the peak of Ben Nevis this August of 2017. The day began with a 30 minute walk from our campsite to the foot of the mountain, and from there we tackled each challenge as they came. From the steep rocks and rough terrain to the low visibility and torrential rain, I think it’s fair to say that the mountain was a much more taxing experience than any of us had previously anticipated. However, the feeling of accomplishment, and having been a part of something greater than ourselves once we had reached the peak, was enough for all three of us to admit that this was the experience of a lifetime, and one we wouldn’t forget any time soon. We are immensely grateful to the Mark Evison Foundation for sponsoring us on this trip, and we are all glad to have been able to raise money not only to give back to the Foundation as a sign of gratitude and thanks, but also to give to a local homelessness charity based in Westminster called The Passage  ( located St Vincent’s Centre, Carlisle Pl, Westminster, London SW1P 1NL ). We hope the Mark Evison Foundation continues its fantastic work, giving opportunities to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to do such amazing things.


Thank you.


Jakir: Before taking part in the challenge of climbing to the peak of Ben Nevis as part of the Mark Evison foundation, I had never done something so physically enduring. I was unaware of the magnitude of how both mentally and physically demanding climbing the mountain was and for that it is definitely one of my most proudest achievements, reaching the peak. Through the encouragement and motivation of my team members/peers I managed to overcome many hurdles and fears that I may have had. The climb pushed me to my limit and gave me some of the most amazing memories of the views. Being an individual that lives in the city I was blown away by the natural environment and the beauty of the mountains in Nevis range. I am so delighted to have taken part and have also done this for a charity which helps the homeless, something which I feel very strongly about. I hope many more can have the same experience as me and learn the many valuable lessons.


Thank you.