Charter School 2017

Tiana Nelson, Anike Adehuwa-Olabode, Bella Webb

Wonderland under attack!

What did we enjoy?
We enjoyed working together as a team to create the clothes and to get everything organised such as the settings, the time, the order the models were going in etc. As aspiring designers, we really loved coming up with the ideas around the theme of Alice in Wonderland, whilst getting inspiration from the movies and theatre performances to fit the characters and the theme of our fashion show. We also had to do a lot of problem-solving on things like the type materials we needed to fit accordingly with our budget. The best part of course was the fashion show itself Showing off our talents, ideas and recreating the tea party for our venue themed Alive in wonderland.

What we found challenging?
During our mark evison challenge the challenges we faced was working out the price list and getting it accurate, as well as, filling the application out about our planning, as there were many things to include and consider which was not originally thought of. Once we received the funding, one of the most challenging tasks was finding sewing patterns that related to our designs that we drew which takes time and we only had a limited amount of time to prepare and make the outfits. On top of this was working around our busy schedules due to exams, to put in enough time and effort in the group and the project. When it came to making the outfits we had GCSE level experience and did not have any help from teachers and only a week & a half which was thee most challenging task – making the outfits, but nevertheless we managed to make and put together the outfits in time for the show. In addition to this, our decision to sell tickets for the show was also quite difficult because we could not determine how many we would sell or how many people would turn up. Then we had to agree with our school on where would be an appropriate place to host the event and once we all agreed on a place, we had to decorate it and organise a place for the models to change the clothes, as well as getting their make up done. Another challenge we faced was finding helpers and models who were reliable and even though some models dropped out on the event, we managed to work around it and it turned out to be a wonderful event that worked out in our favour.

What you gained from it?
From a personal point of view, I’ve learnt so much from this whole experience. I can truly say it’s been my biggest personal achievement. I feel that although at times it was stressful being in control of a large budget; being responsible for a group of people and having to make the show happen was a really rewarding experience.
We also all gained so much as a group having to work together as a team, as well as individually, and used each of our strengths to make the fashion show to the best to our abilities.
It’s amazing how we worked to design each models look, either adapting clothes that we had bought or making whole outfits ourselves! Apart from that we also had to co-ordinate with the school where the staging would happen; organise friends to help us as models; find the right music and set it up; organise refreshments for the interval; market the whole show through the school and sell tickets! The time and effort was far more than I expected but was really worth it. We even raised some money for a local youth charity.