Charter School 2015

Soren Vines, Colin Rae

building a drone

Their story, in their words…

“Overall the project was a success. In total took a period of 12 hours to construct the quad-copter yet there were some complications that arose during the process. This was due to the large range of parts to choose from and time constraints of constructing the drone during school periods.

Building the quad-copter wouldn’t have been very challenging for someone who had experience, but for us it was challenging. We were constantly learning things during the build process, as we came across problems, or found new information.

While the project was a success, there were some problems that needed addressing. Originally we wanted the quadcopter to be computer controlled but we found that this was expensive. In the end we decided on the OpenPilot flight controller because it was inexpensive and we could control the quadcopter using Bluetooth via an Android device. However after crashing when we tried to sync the copter to the device, we decided to use a hand held transceiver instead. We also managed to fry our first flight controller by overcharging it; luckily it was inexpensive.

For the future we would like to make the quadcopter automated and able to capture footage of its own flights. It would be able to fly in flight paths without a manual controller. That is our aim yet it requires more research and time to develop.”