Burntwood School 2016

Hanaa Amaidia, Zaiba Nadeem, Samiha Haque, Ilhaam Ahmed, Qiao-Er Ngo, Rukhsar Valimahomed, Hafsa Abdirahman Hersi, Halima Latif, Aakifah Housein, Yumna Ansari

raft building

Their story, in their words…….

“We were trying to build a raft to raise awareness about river pollution using as much second hand material as possible. Our main way of raising awareness was via social media where our instagram page had over 100 followers highlighting that people were following our project and actually spreading the word. We made a thorough plan outlining all the tasks we had to complete alongside the amount of time we had to do it in. We aimed to build and float the raft within 2 days and we managed to do so. We encountered some unexpected problems such as delivery times and timetable clashes however we were able to resolve them without too much hassle. We all have a massive sense of accomplishment. We never thought we would actually be able to complete the challenge, but through perseverance, hard work and dedication we managed to achieve our goal. This emphasized that we are able to achieve anything we put our mind to regardless of how unachievable it may appear at first. We all stepped out of our comfort zones and challenged ourselves to the absolute limit. Our confidence has increased in magnitude, we refuse to be put down by others if we truly feel we can achieve something.”