Bishop Douglass School 2017

Danika Sritharan, Fatemah Adat

South Downs Way

Our time accomplishing South Downs Way had its ups and downs’ however we had a spectacular time. There were a number of abrupt changes to our plan but we saw through them and had learnt valuable lessons from them. For example on the first day the majority of our problems had arose; this included us missing our coach by a literal minute and then having to wait a few hours for the next one. Once we had arrived at Winchester we had gotten lost in the town, but luckily we had google maps by our side and we were back on schedule.

Furthermore to add onto our problems we had encountered a diversion along the trail which had henceforth added extra mileage for us. This had caused us to completely go off our initial plan and had to find other means of reaching our first campsite before nightfall. But this was not possible and we were forced by nature to take camp at Exton as a lovely local permitted us to camp on his greenspace, of which we were extremely grateful for.

Despite these hardships the remaining days were much more smoother and enjoyable. After leaving Exton we had come across sheep trucks- which you don’t see everyday!

The trail itself had its ups and downs and we both trekked through mud, faeces, sheep and more. But all this just added to the remarkable experience and created new amazing memories for the both of us. The locals and other trekkers were very supportive and had encouraged us on. The weather was very bipolar but we had trudged through it. The beginning was extremely wet and gloomy but as each day blossomed the days improved greatly leaving behind sunshine.

The food we made wasn’t exactly five-star but it was edible and that’s all that counts. Practically anything we ate had tasted good because of our surroundings. As for the tent, all was well, and everything went smoothly. Our teamwork was impeccable.

When we had arrived at Eastbourne on Sunday we spent the majority of the day looking around the town as a reward for our achievement, also stopping by the local McDonalds for a hard earned meal. We hopped on our train at 8:59pm to London Victoria and from there we departed to our own separate ways.
Despite all this we definitely cannot forget Jeff the cat who was with us all the way and the beautiful starry nights that we witnessed which is now lodged deep within our memories.

Overall the experience was extremely eye-opening . Regardless of the mental and physically challenging parts to it we both had made life-long memories that we will share with others for years to come and hence we would like to say thank you to the Mark Evison Foundation for making all this come true.