Bexley Grammar School 2018

James Pullen, Matthew Lay, Luke Boyton-Matthews, David Jones, Alex Cockburn, James Greenwood, Taylor Cullen, Mark Hawes

Hadrian's Wall expedition

Their story, in their words….

We arrived in Carlisle at 5.30am on Tuesday 24th after a long journey on the night coach. Despite the fact we all had limited sleep, we proceeded to successfully hike 28 miles to our first campsite while carrying up to 20 kilograms of weight each. The following day, we successfully completed a 15 mile trek across extremely hilly terrain which made it difficult for every group member to move quickly. Finally, despite the obvious fatigue and multiple injuries to members of the group, we completed our challenge by successfully walking 28 miles on the final day.

Through this Mark Evison Foundation challenge, we developed our skills in planning, organisation, teamwork and both physical and mental perseverance. Each group member especially developed their skills in perseverance as each member pushed through pain to assure that we completed the challenge – we all acknowledge this to be a very valuable life skill.

We would all like to thank the Mark Evison Foundation for providing us with this enjoyable yet challenging opportunity.