Bacon’s College 2017

Macy Trieu-Dingle, Juan Esteban Montoya, Lovevea Ayorech and André Laurence

Bouldering and hiking expedition

Our trip was a climbing and hiking expedition from London to West Sussex where we camped for 3 nights. We hiked 12 miles everyday to and from the campsite to where we bouldered. On the first day we hiked 21 miles as we walked from the train station to the campsite and then headed out to the rock climbing site, it was incredibly physically demanding. We had to walk through many fields and farms and climb over barbed wire, all just to avoid walking on the main road.  On one of the days we spent too long at the rock climbing site, and didn’t leave until around 10pm because we were trying to help two people who were lost, we ended up doing the three hour hike back to camp, through the forest in pitch black darkness, not arriving at camp until around 1:00am. We had a lot of bats bump into us along the way, luckily we were all well prepared with torches and maps but it was still quite scary (and one of the best nights we had there). We all truly loved the trip it was amazing, the scenery was breathtaking and being out there in the countryside, free to explore everything, was very thrilling. We spoke and met a lot of the locals who were all really friendly and happy to help. Even after hiking for ten hours and climbing ( with no ropes ) everyone was still in high spirits, the laughs were great and its something I’m sure we will all remember.