Archbishop Tenison’s School 2018

Chavez Idjerhe, Michael McFarlane

London to Brighton bike ride

Their story, in their words….

Our challenge was to complete a Bike ride from London to Brighton, and then do a second ride to Storrington before heading back to London. This was a challenge as it had been years since both of us had ridden a bike.

The journey started off badly with one of our members being unable to attend on the morning of our travel. This meant we would leave hours behind schedule. We arrived at the bike shop late and picked up our bikes. Straight away we felt the difference between riding a road bike and normal bikes, and it took us a while before we could ride them properly. When we finally got riding, it was a very enjoyable experience. Riding on the cycle lane through parks and farmlands is a really relaxing and beautiful experience, that we would definitely do again. We realised that often our parents would criticise us for not being as adventurous as they are, and I now understand where they’re coming from.

Unfortunately, not everything went smoothly. Due to time, we had very short 10 – 20 min breaks we had a 5 hour ride and needed to arrive in Brighton in 4 hours. We continued to ride and then down a hill one of us managed to fall of our bike and injure himself. However, we pushed through and continued riding. We continued to ride until eventually one phone died. This is when we crucially realised that we had left our road map. We changed leaders and picked up the pace. Eventually, both our phones ran out of battery. We had never thought of this as an issue because we thought more members would be coming on the ride. This showed how much more we could have put into our risk assessment. We had run out of time and lost navigation, it seemed hopeless. However, we looked around, asked a man for directions and managed to get the train and the hostel on time.

The ride to Storrington went smoothly but It took a lot out of our injured member. Therefore, we had to take train back home. We were both disappointed not to finish the challenge and apologise for taking train. We agreed that next time we would be more prepared and tackle this challenge again. Overall it was an excellent experience that we would suggest to anyone and we think it could teach you a lot about yourself.