Archbishop Tenison School 2014

Shayihan Mason, Jahid Miah

luxury fashion show

Their story, in their words…

“Shahiyan and I were both interested in the fashion industry, and when we heard of the Mark Evison Foundation we decided to collaborate to put a project together. We carefully did research into how to create a fashion show; and agreed on a theme for the show being ‘Luxury Fashion’. We also assessed how we would manage our money, and drew up a variety of prototype designs and sketches of both the clothes we would create and the design of the venue/runway. We projected the idea of the fashion show to the Mark Evison Foundation team and were given a time period to successfully pull off the project.

Over the course of two months, we both continued creating various designs for the show, we assessed two different venues but ultimately agreed on using the Archbishop Tenison Hall to build a runway and seating. We also divided roles between each other; Jahid was in charge of producing the venue and runway, Shahiyan took the responsibility of producing the designs either from scratch or as a customisation to plain garments. With the show up and coming we had garnered attention for the project, we used social media websites and flyers to publicise the event while also gaining help from friends and co-workers in terms of music production, decorations and accessories, creating the garments and overall how to pull off the fashion show. We had produced a small collection of designs and gathered a number of friends to be models for the creations and hired multiple photographers. In collaboration with ‘H.U.E’ clothing, a fashion label created by a close friend, a number of their designs and creations were also showcased.

On the day of the event, although not everything went to plan, the show was very successful and the designs were beautifully created and the show was executed according to plan and schedule.

We thank the Mark Evison Foundation for giving us such an amazing opportunity, seeing as how neither of us had created or run a fashion show before, we took this as a very helpful learning curve for the both of us, not only was this an amazing experience in the short term but the Mark Evison Foundation  has left a long term impact on us. With University applications currently going on we were both able to use the fashion show in our portfolios and in our interviews, we cannot thank the Foundation enough for giving us this experience.”